Hiatus 2

As it turns out, this blog is generating just enough sustained attention for discomfort.  Sorry to any folks who wanted to refer back to this blog for whatever reason, but I am shutting it down for the time being to kill off the google traffic.



It has been a long time since I have updated this blog.

The good part about this blog is that it helps me learn to write better.

The bad part is that committing to a personal blog online is a little like going to live in a glass house inside Central Park.

And, as much as I do welcome juniors, friends etc curious about Rakuten to contact me, over half the traffic to this blog is related to Rakuten, and it is growing. Normally having consistent, growing traffic is a good thing, but though there are other things to write about in ecommerce, for me Rakuten is a dead topic until they do something interesting in the US. I’m getting too many questions from people who want to gauge whether they want to work at Rakuten, in the mean time, and as fast as that company changes, what little I had to say is probably no longer relevant.

So, I need a new blog or a new format, so this will be it for a while until I figure out how, maybe aiming for January 2014 with a blog I can also use Japanese in.